API Spec 11B sucker rod for Oil production

API Oil well Grade Sucker Rod is one of the important equipment of oil field.Can provide seven kinds of the level of sucker rod,including C, K, D, KD, HL, HY and KH.C, K, D sucker rod press design and manufacture standard of API Spec 11 B, KD, HL, HY grade rod design and manufacture according to standard SY/T5029-2013, KH level rod according to standard within the company.
Sucker Rod C grade sucker rod series – is mainly used for light, medium load, no corrosion or corrosion shallow Wells or in deep well pumping, Material is Carbon steel or manganese steel.
Sucker Rod Grade D sucker rod is made of high quality Alloy steel, after heat treatment with high strength, plasticity is good, long life and other characteristics, it is suitable for light when there is no corrosion or corrosive medium in the deep Wells under the environment of use.


Pony Rods/ Sucker Rod

Standard:API Spec 11B

Size: 5/8″-1 3/4″

Grade: C, K, D, KD, HL, HY and KH

Material: Carbon Steel

Pony Rods/ Sucker Rod

Grade C sucker rod: Moderate strength, not susceptible to sulfide stress cracking, suitable in sour medium.

Grade D sucker rod: Made of quality heat treated steel alloy, with high tensile and Yield strength; suitable for non-corroding or mildly corroding environment.

Grade K sucker rod: With good Corrosion resistance in H2S, CO2 and NaCl media, superior Tensile strength.

Grade HL and HY sucker rod: High strength; structure and size matching with grade D sucker rod; withstanding 966-1, 136 MPa (140, 000-164, 720 psi); suitable for deep and large displacement wells. 

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