Carbon Steel Weld Pipe Dn300 Sch40 For Building Material

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Carbon Steel Weld Pipe Dn300 Sch40 For Building Material

Carbon Steel Weld Pipe Dn300 Sch40 For Building Material

Product Carbon Steel Weld Pipe Dn300 Sch40 For Building Material
Standard ASTM A53 
Out Diameter 1/2″~20″,20mm~508mm
Wall Thickness 2.0mm~30mm
Material ASTM A53 GRB
Length 5.8-12m or as customers required
Surface treatment Black,varnish coating or polished
Technique cold drawn/hot rolled
Usage 1. Low and middle pressure fluid transportation pipeline2. Casing Tube

3. Boiler Pipe

4. Petroleunm and natural gas industry

5. Chemistry industry

6. Electric industry

Package 1. Bundle packing.2. Bevelled end or plain end or warnished as per buyer’s required.

3. Marking: as per customer’s requests.

4. Painting varnish coating on the pipe.

5. Plastic caps at ends.

ZS Steel Pipe is one of the pioneer brand in China sector and provide superb quality line of ASTM A53 Grade B Carbon Steel Weld Pipe for building construction.We have meticulous processes which help transform processes, improve efficiencies & enhance customer experience. We provide our clients with extremely competitive pricing & best delivery time, which leads to 100% satisfaction. We entertain both kind of orders of carbon steel weld pipe for building construction . 

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Carbon Steel Weld Pipe Dn300 Sch40 For Building Material

Hydrostatic test

Pipe to withstand a hydrostatic test without leakage through the weld seam or the pipe body. Jointers need not be hydrostatic tested provide the pipe sections used were successfully tested.

Bend test

No cracks shall occur in any portion of the test piece and no opening of the weld shall occur.

Flattening test

Acceptance criteria for flattening test shall be:

  • EW pipes D<12.750 in:
  • X60 with T 500in. There shall be no opening of the weld before the distance between the plates is less than 66% of the original outside diameter. For all grades and wall, 50%.
  • For pipe with a D/t > 10, there shall be no opening of the weld before the distance between the plates is less than 30% of the original outside diameter.
  • For other sizes refer to the full API 5L specification.

CVN impact test for PSL2

Many PSL2 pipe sizes and grades require CVN. Seamless pipe is to be tested in the body. Welded pipe is to be tested in the body, pipe weld and heat-affected zone. Refer to the full API 5L specification for the chart of sizes and grades and required absorbed energy values.

Tolerances: Outside diameter, out of roundness and wall thickness

Specified Outside Diameter D (in) Diameter Tolerance, inches d Out-of-Roundness Tolerance in
Pipe except the end a Pipe end a,b,c Pipe except the End a Pipe End a,b,c
SMLS Pipe Welded Pipe SMLS Pipe Welded Pipe
< 2.375 -0.031 to + 0.016 –  0.031 to + 0.016 0.048 0.036
≥2.375 to 6.625     0.020D for 0.015D for
+/- 0.0075D –  0.016 to + 0.063
    By agreement for By agreement for
>6.625 to 24.000 +/- 0.0075D +/- 0.0075D, but max of 0.125 +/- 0.005D, but max of 0.063 0.020D 0.015D
>24 to 56 +/- 0.01D +/- 0.005D but max of 0.160 +/- 0.079 +/- 0.063 0.015D for but max of 0.060 0.01D for but max of 0.500
For For
By agreement By agreement
for for
      >56                                                                            As agreed
a.        The pipe end includes a length of 4 in ate each of the pipe extremities
b.        For SMLS pipe the tolerance apply for t≤0.984in and the tolerances for the thicker pipe shall be as agreed
c.         For expanded pipe with D≥8.625in and for non-expanded pipe, the diameter tolerance and the out-of-roundness tolerance may be determined using the calculated inside diameter or measured inside diameter rather than the specified OD.
d.       For determining compliance to diameter tolerance, the pipe diameter is defined as the circumference of the pipe in any circumferential plane divide by Pi.
Wall thickness Tolerances a
t inches inches
SMLS pipe b
≤ 0.157 -1.2
>         0.157 to < 0.948 + 0.150t / – 0.125t
≥ 0.984 + 0.146 or + 0.1t, whichever is the greater
    – 0.120 or – 0.1t, whichever is the greater
Welded pipe c,d
≤ 0.197 +/- 0.020
                            > 0.197 to < 0.591 +/- 0.1t
≥ 0.591 +/- 0.060
a.        If the purchase order specifies a minus tolerance for wall thickness smaller than the applicable value given in this table, the plus tolerance for wall thickness shall be increased by an amount sufficient to maintain the applicable tolerance range.
b.        For pipe with D≥ 14.000 in and t≥0.984in, the wall thickness tolerance locally may exceed the plus tolerance for wall thickness by an additional 0.05t provided that the plus tolerance for mass is not exceeded.
c.         The plus tolerance for wall thickens does not apply to the weld area
d.       See the full API5L spec for full details


Carbon Steel Weld Pipe Dn300 Sch40 For Building Material

Electrical Resistance Welding (ERW) A controlled high precision welded steel pipes formed by rolling hot rolled coil (HRC) and welding is the seam with High Frequency Induction Heating (HFI) process. Pressure is used to forge the material under elevated temperature to melt together, and no filler material is added to the weld (only Forging). The welding apparatus contains an induction coil that is energized with a high-frequency electric current. This generates a high-frequency electromagnetic field that acts on work piece with no contact between the coil and the pipe surface. ZS Steel main activities include Manufacturing of Black and Galvanized ERW steel pipes in size range (1/2”–20”) for Oil & Gas Pipelines, Water Pipelines, Oil Well Casing, Water Well Casing, Chilled Water Systems, Fire Fighting Systems, Pump Column Pipes, Piling, Industrial Frames, Fencing, Scaffolding, Water Irrigation, Cars Exhaust, Decoration, Furniture, Ceiling and other many other industrial and Construction applications.  


Carbon Steel Weld Pipe Dn300 Sch40 For Building Material

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