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  • Oil field in Venezuela

    Oil field in Venezuela

    Project subject : Oil field in Venezuela

    Country : Venezuela

    Product name : SSAW

    Specification : API 5L X42,X46,X70 8"-24" 6.35mm-19.1mm

    Project introduction :
    Building the pipeline from Venezuela's oil fields across Colombia to the Pacific,pipeline would carry Venezuela's heavy crude from the Orinoco River basin as well as Colombian oil.

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  • Highways construction in South Africa

    Highways construction in South Africa

    Project subject : Highways Construction in South Africa

    Country : South Africa

    Product name : ERW

    Specification : API 5L,GR.B 219.1*6.75mm

    Project introduction :
    Highway structure mainly refers to the concrete construction of subgrade, such as: culvert, channel, bridge (not overpass), ditches and water drainage ditches, concrete slope protection, concrete slope drainage (jet trough), the retaining wall.

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  • Pacifica Ocean Coastal Engineering in Singapore

    Pacifica Ocean Coastal Engineering in Singapore

    Project subject: Pacifica Ocean Coastal Engineering

    Year: 2011


    Specification: API 5L/ASTM A106/ASTM A53 GR.B 6"-34"

    Project introduction: The Pacifica Ocean Coastal is one of the best kept secrets of the Pacific Northwest. As a result of this and the fact that the beaches are a bit harder to get to, Washington's beaches are generally secluded, lonely and beautiful.

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  • Oil Platforms in Italy

    Oil Platforms in Italy

    Project subject : Oil Platforms in Italy

    Year : 2011

    Country : Italy

    Specification : ASTM A252/ASTM A106 X60,14" 20" 8" SCH XS, SCH 120

    Project introduction :
    This project is needed is a higher sea level platform for production operations or oil exploitation activities.

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  • Oil Plant in Kuwait

    Oil Plant in Kuwait

    Project subject : Oil Plant in Kuwait

    Country : Kuwait

    Specification : ASTM A335 2"-20"

    Project introduction :
    Kuwait is a country of petroleum resources with abundant, oil factory also is very broad, respectively, the oil plant are mainly used for refining oil and oil processing.

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  • Offshore Pipeline Project in Singapore

    Offshore Pipeline Project in Singapore

    Project subject : Offshore Pipeline Project in Singapore

    Country : Singapore

    Specification : API 5L GR.B 6"-12"

    Project introduction :
    The deepwater submarine pipeline is mainly used in the exploitation of ocean resources, and its coastline is very long.

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  • Civil Construction in Panama

    Civil Construction in Panama

    Project subject : Civil Construction in Panama

    Country : Panama

    Specification : ASTM A53 3" 4"

    Project introduction :
    this is a large government office building, by way of bidding, the requirements are very strict.

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  • Hydraulic system in Canada

    Hydraulic system in Canada

    Project subject : Hydraulic system in Canada

    Country : Canada

    Specification : ASTM A106 GR.B, OD: 1 1/4" -14"

    Project introduction :
    Hydraulic engineering is the application of fluid mechanics principles to problems dealing with the collection, storage, control, transport, regulation,measurement, and use of water.

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  • Geothermal Exploration in Swizerland

    Geothermal Exploration in Swizerland

    Project subject : Geothermal Exploration in Swizerland

    Country : Swizerland

    Specification : API 5L X52, OD: 12"& 14", WT:12mm, 14mm

    Project introduction :
    Geothermal Exploration is the exploration of the subsurface in search of viable active geothermal regions with the goal of building a geothermal power plant, where hot fluids drive turbines to create electricity.

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  • Shipbuilding in Colombia

    Shipbuilding in Colombia

    Project subject : Shipbuilding in Colombia

    Country : Colombia

    Specification : API 5L, GR.B, size:5 0 8 *sch80/sch120

    Project introduction :
    Shipbuilding is the construction of ships and floating vessels. It normally takes place in a specialized facility known as a shipyard.

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  • Submarine pipelines Engineering in Srilanka

    Submarine pipelines Engineering in Srilanka

    Project subject : Submarine pipelines Engineering

    Country : Srilanka

    Product name : LSAW

    Specification : ASTM A106 GR.B 4" 6"&8" SCH80,SCH STD

    Project introduction :
    Submarine pipelines are vital components to the infrastructure of many municipalities. These piplines carry such things as domestic water, waste water, electrical lines, gas lines, communication lines, and outfall or intake systems.

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