China steel News

China Steel News

In this year’s total steel exports exceeded 100 million tons mark,

next year China’s total steel exports can be maintained at what level has become a general concern in the industry topic.

From 80 million tons to 100 million tonnes, there is a wide variety of statements, but without exception,

there is a consensus that the volume of steel exports next year will be difficult to exceed this year’s level.

Next January, the first double drop in steel exports in 4 years has confirmed that China’s steel exports have entered the peak zone.

With China’s steel exports into the peak zone,China’s steel export trade has officially entered the window of transition, once the transition is completed,

the future China will be completely from the steel export trade power into a powerful trade.

The reason for this is that there are several reasons: on the one hand,

the total steel exports into the peak area, slowing growth, economies of scale are being diluted.

In fact, for the steel industry,the transformation of export trade has long been not a new thing.

Just because of the rapid growth of steel mills before, and can earn good profits.

Therefore, with regard to the transition, more often than not, we are speaking only verbally, and have not put into substantive action.

And now, everything has changed.


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