Belt and Road” cooperation in time, you will miss the opportunity

If you do not participate in the “Belt and Road” cooperation in time, you will miss the opportunity

When we mention the “Belt and Road Initiative,” we will recall the long history of the “Silk Road” and the “Sea Silk Road.” However, if you think that the “Belt and Road” radiation scope is limited to the “Silk Road” and “Sea Silk Road,” it would be a big mistake. Recently, New Zealand and the “One Belt and One Road” have had many interactions with each other, letting us know how much influence the “One Belt and One Road Initiative” has.

Located in the southern hemisphere, New Zealand is located on the Pacific Ocean. In many Chinese impressions, New Zealand is a fairly distant country. However, recently, a news suddenly “closed” the distance between New Zealand and China.

The New Zealand-China Relations Promotion Committee released a special research report on the “Belt and Road Initiative” on May 1. The report pointed out that the “One Belt and One Road” initiative can be called “the project of the century.” With inclusiveness and wide coverage, the opportunities brought by it are inexorable. If New Zealand does not participate in the “One Belt and One Road” cooperation in a timely manner, it will miss the opportunity.

In response, China responded quickly. On May 3, in response to relevant questions, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Hua Chunying stated at a regular press conference that since the “One Belt and One Road” initiative was proposed five years ago, 80 countries and international organizations have signed cooperation agreements with China. More and more countries and regions benefit from it. China welcomes all countries to carry the “One Belt and One Road” high-speed train to the common development and prosperity of the future.

In this report, the New Zealand-China Relations Promotion Committee stated that since the outbreak of the international financial crisis in 2008, bilateral trade and investment between New Zealand and China have played a crucial role in the continued prosperity of New Zealand.

The report pointed out that China’s rapidly developing economy, large population, and a growing middle class have provided a huge market for New Zealand and also provided a platform for cooperation among countries along the “Belt and Road.” If New Zealand does not participate in the cooperation in time, it will miss the opportunity. New Zealand should regard interoperability as the current focus of promoting the “One Belt and One Road” cooperation, and promote cooperation in four areas and eight areas, such as trade facilitation and building linkage hubs.

Collaboration “Belt and Road”, New Zealand is at the forefront
In fact, this is not the first time in New Zealand that the interest and enthusiasm for the “One Belt and One Road” initiative have been heard. In a certain sense, New Zealand can be described as the first Western developed country to formally sign the “Belt and Road” related agreement with China.

According to Xinhua News Agency, on March 27, 2017, witnessed by Prime Minister Li Keqiang and New Zealand Prime Minister Bill Ingleshitz, any leader of the National Development and Reform Commission and New Zealand’s Minister of Economic Development Simon Bridges signed on behalf of the two governments. “Memorandum of Arrangement for Enhancing the “Belt and Road Initiative” Initiative between the Governments of the People’s Republic of China and New Zealand.”

This is the first cooperation document that China has signed with countries in the South Pacific region under the framework of the “Belt and Road Initiative”. Undoubtedly, this will not only help the two sides to further deepen mutual understanding and mutual communication and carry out mutually beneficial cooperation, but also help to better benefit the two peoples. New Zealand’s strategic approach has undoubtedly touched the pulse of the world trend.

On the related issues of the “Belt and Road Initiative,” the New Zealand government is obviously not “just saying nothing” but rather serious. Only a few months after the signing of the memorandum, on August 14, 2017, New Zealand’s first “One Belt and One Road” industrial park signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Chinese inspection and certification group New Zealand.

According to reports, the contents of the cooperation between the two parties mainly include the inspection, identification, certification, and testing of dairy products, meats, fruits, seafood, etc., as well as comprehensive trade services such as warehousing and logistics supervision, cross-border transactions, product display, and e-commerce. Help companies in the park to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

The first phase of the Industrial Park project will invest 100 million U.S. dollars and be divided into an airport logistics park and a seaport logistics park. According to the person in charge of the project, the Airport Logistics Park is located near the Auckland Airport and includes three cold storage and constant temperature storage, as well as the first unmanned “intellectual warehouse” in New Zealand. It is equipped with an unmanned sorting system to serve cross-border e-commerce.

New Zealand is optimistic about the “One Belt One Road” opportunity
What will the “Belt and Road” bring to New Zealand? Some local New Zealand scholars and economists are optimistic about the new opportunities this policy brings to New Zealand.

Citing the New Zealand “Herald” report, Chris Russell, chief executive of HSBC New Zealand, said that although New Zealand is not geographically a “Silk Road” or “Sea Silk Road,” the plan has many benefits for New Zealand.

For New Zealand companies, the “One Belt and One Road” will bring more trade opportunities. According to the website of the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, China expects that the trade volume of countries along the “Belt and Road” will exceed 2.5 trillion US dollars per year over the next decade, and the “Belt and Road” will improve world trade flows and new market access. This means that New Zealand means market opportunities in high-quality food, tourism and education industries.

The first bilateral negotiations with China to end the WTO accession, the first to recognize China’s full market economy status, the first to sign a free trade agreement with China, and the first to sign the “Belt and Road” cooperation with China… New Zealand and China Trade cooperation has always held a positive attitude. This has given public opinion New Zealand’s “Dare to be the first in the West.” In particular, New Zealand has released a positive signal to the “One Belt and One Road,” and the prospects for cooperation between China and Singapore are undoubtedly even more exciting. .

In this regard, New Zealand ambassador to China McConnell said: “The key to New Zealand’s interest in the ‘One Belt and One Road’ initiative is that it has a cohesive force that can connect different countries, regions and different parts of the world.”





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