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Steel pipe knowledge In general, the tube diameter can be divided into outer diameter, inner diameter, nominal diameter. The outer diameter of the pipe for the Seamless steel pipe is indicated by the letter D, followed by the size and Wall thickness of the outer diameter, for example, a seamless steel pipe with an outer diameter of 108, a wall thickness of 5MM, indicated by D108 * 5, Also with the outer diameter, such as De63, other such as reinforced concrete pipe, cast iron pipe, galvanized steel pipe using DN said that the general use of nominal diameter in the design drawings that nominal diameter is designed to facilitate the manufacture and maintenance of man-made provisions A standard, but also more than the nominal diameter, is the pipe (or pipe) specification name.

Our broad product range

Our broad product range, coupled with our strong commitment to inventory, allows us to offer Industry leading fill rates.
We carry the most sizes and types of Domestic CW product, stocked with anti-microbial coating for UL/FM approved products.

Our pipes are clean and rust free, as they are stored inside our 12 distribution center locations and are fully tarped while in transit.

We have strong relationships with multiple domestic steel pipe mills that date back to our founding as a small family owned business in 1980. This enables us to stock the best quality and broadest range of domestic steel pipe products, including:

SureThread Continuous Weld (CW) from Wheatland Tube & Electric Resistance Weld (ERW)
SureThread product
Sprinkler (Fire Protection)
Black & Galvanized
Plain end, Threaded & Couple, Threaded Both Ends and Roll Grooved
Schedule 10, 40 and 80
– SCH 10 : 1-1/4” thru 8”
– SCH 40 : 1/2” thru 16”
– SCH 80 : 1/2” thru 4”
10′ and 21′ lengths

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