Alloy steel Pipe is a kind of steel pipe which is named according to its Material – alloy steel. It is made by using alloy steal. Just like the origin of the name of weld Carbon steel pipe.It is named according to the manufacturingtechnique of steel pipe. And there are two kinds of steel pipe, one is the Welded steel pipe, and the other is the Seamless steel pipe.

Made by superior carbon steel, structural steel and stainless heat resistantsteel, alloy steel pipeis formed by Hot rolling or Cold rolling. And due to the materialof alloy steel pipe, it has superior alloy steel pipe features. It can work under the high temperature, high pressure. And it can even endure sulfur attacks, organ acid corrosion. Due to the superior alloy steel pipe features, alloy steel pipe is widely used in making the high temperature super heater, reheated and high pressure boiler in electric plant, nuclear powerindustry.

Apart from those alloy steel pipe featuresmentioned above, it also has other obvious alloy steel pipe features. The Weight of the alloy steel pipeis extremely light, whicheasy to transport and carry. Moreover, it has the same torsional strength as well as flexure strength as solid steel plant. It is economic and it quite saves the cost,which is welcomed by people.

According to the different shapes of cross sectional area, alloy steel pipe is divided into circular pipe and special pipe. And under the conditionof the same perimeter, the area of a circle is the biggest, so we can convey more fluid by using circle pipes. In addition, when the annulus cross section bears the external radial pressure or internal radial pressure , the stress of the circle pipe is fairy equal, so most of alloy steel pipes arecircular pipes.

The most important features of alloy steel pipe is that the alloy steek pipe can be recycled 100% so that it iscompletely accord with the national strategy including environment protection, material saving, and environmental friendly.

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