Exploring the Benefits of Working with China Seamless steel tube Factories and Manufacturers

Person 1: Have you ever considered working with China seamless steel tube factories and manufacturers? Person 2: No, I haven’t. What are the benefits of doing so? Person 1: Well, there are a few. For starters, China is one of the world’s leading producers of seamless steel tubes, so you can be sure that you’re getting quality products. Plus, the cost of production is much lower in China than in other countries, so you can save a lot of money.
Item NoProduct nameStandardSteel gradeSize(mm)Application
1 pressure fluid steel PipeASTM A106Gr.A、Gr.B、Gr.COD:21.3-1220boiler,heat exchanger,medium low pipeline
ASTM A53Wall:2.0-100
2casing, Oil pipe,couplingAPI5CT PSL1、group1: J55 K55 N80 R95OD:26.7-762steel tube for oil field
PSL2 PSL3group2: L80 C90 T95Wall:2.87-40
 group3: P110 
3pipeline transportation systemAPI5LA、B、X42、X46、X52、X60、X65、X70、X80OD:26.7-1220oil and gas pipeline, refining equipment pipeline
4mechanical high precision seamless pipeASTM A519SAE1018、SAE1020、SAE1045、SAE1518、SAE1541、SAE4130、SAE4135、SAE4140、SAE8620、ST78、ST52、E215、E235、E355、E410、C35E、C45E、25CrMo4、42CrMo4OD:21.3-406high precision machined seamless tube,construction machine,automobile engine
5heat exchanger and condenser low carbon cold drawn seamless pipeASTM A179A179OD:6-76.2heat exchanger
6high pressure Carbon steel seamless boiler pipeASTM A192A192OD:12.7-177.8high pressure boiler tube
7boder,superheater unit medium carbon Seamless steel pipeASTM A210A210A-1OD:12.7-127high pressure toiler and heat exchanger
8boiler,superheater unit femilic Alloy steel pipeASTM A213T2、T11、T12、T22、T5、T5b、T5COD:6-127high pressure boiler,superheater unit, heat exchanger alloy steel tube
9seamless steel pipe for pressure purposeEN10216-1195GH、P235GH、P265GH、20MnNb6、16Mo3、13CrMo4-5OD:21.3-762pressure piping
10gas cylinder seamless steel pipeGB1824837Mn、34Mn2V、30CrMo、35CrMo、34CrMo4、30CrMnSiA、STH11、STH12、STH21、STH22、STH31OD:76-356high pressure gas cylinder
JIS G3429Wall:2.5-6.0
11the automotive axle pipeYB/T 503545#、45Mn2、40MnB、40CrOD:76-121automobile application
Person 2: That’s great! What else? alt-847 Person 1: Working with Chinese factories and manufacturers also gives you access to a wide range of products. You can find just about any type of seamless steel tube you need, from standard sizes to custom designs. And because of the competitive market, you can often get better prices than you would elsewhere. Person 2: That’s really helpful. Anything else? Person 1: Yes, another benefit of working with Chinese factories and manufacturers is that they often have shorter lead times. This means that you can get your products faster, which can be a huge advantage if you’re in a rush.
Person 2: That’s really useful. I think I’m sold on the idea of working with Chinese seamless steel tube factories and manufacturers. Thanks for the information!

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