Pascal analyzed the background and causes of the trade war launched by the trump administration from an American perspective, discussed the feasible ways to solve trade disputes, and gave us a vivid example to fully understand the awareness of the American people on the importance of protecting intellectual property rights.He thought that China, which has a large trade deficit with the United States, China would benefit more economically and the war would hurt the United States less.The main reason for us to raise the import tariff is that foreign enterprises must have joint ventures with Chinese enterprises to enter the Chinese market, and the provisions of the contract require to sharing of intellectual property rights. IP infringement causes huge losses of American intellectual property rights every year.

The American public has a strong tradition of “stealing from the mind,” that is, protecting intellectual property.The trump administration is waging a trade war one tries to win votes by appealing to voters and seeks economic equality between two countries at different stages of development.

Currently both countries realize that the trade war is very destructive, but will not retreat, the only viable solution is both sides must return to the negotiating table, because they provoke a trade war, so United States must take that first step, while China may have to compromise on some protectionist measures, especially to pay more attention to company compliance issues.

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