What is galvanized steel Pipe?

Galvanized Carbon steel Pipe With Specification Chart

Galvanized Carbon Steel Pipe With Specification Chart

Hot dipped galvanized steel pipe (Galvanized Carbon Steel Pipe With

Specification Chartis pipe that has been coated with a layer of zinc. This coating protects the pipe

from corrosion and rust, leading to increased longevity and enhanced reliability. 

The zinc serves as a sacrificial layer. It willrust before the metal beneath it, 

keeping the integrity of the pipe intact for muclonger than regular pipes.

Furthermore,even if the zinc layer is scratched ordamaged, it will still protect the

metal beneath it.

Standard ASTM A53 Material Gr.B
Diameter 48mm Wall Thicknedss 2.75mm
Length 6m Weight 3.253kgs/m
Surface Galvanized Galvanied Standard BS1387
Zin coating 200-750g/m² Pipe end Bevel Ends
Marking Material, Size Packaging In Bundles

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