Straight Seamless Extruded Finned Tube Both Sides 16MO3 44.5mm X 5.6mmX6M(not welded)

Straight Seamless Extruded Finned Tube Both Sides 16MO3 for Customized export to the South African such as Eskom for power station . The package is bundling or wooden box or as your need . Good quality with best price , wish help you !!!

Product Name:Straight Seamless Extruded Finned Tube Both Sides 16MO3 44.5mm X 5.6mmX6M(not welded)


Email: lisa@zssteeltube,com


Certificate : ASTM ISO BV SGS
Size: lenght 6m X outside diameter 44.5mm X 5.6mm wt (Min)

Extruded Fin Tube, Extruded Finned Tubes or Aluminum Finned Tubes

Maximum operating temperature for extruded finned tube is 300 °C.
As a result, the tubes base is completely connected to the main tube. Since these fins never break, deform or loosen, their heating efficiency does not change over time.
Advantages Of This Fin Tubes:
Corrosion resistance in air is very high;
Easy cleaning;
Excellent efficiency;
More reliable capacity for thermal transfer.
Fin Material is aluminum (standard form) and copper (occasionally).
Tube material is copper, copper nickel, titanium, Carbon steel, or Stainless steel.
Primarily extruded finned tubes are used in high temperature conditions and corrosive atmospheric conditions, such as operating temperatures less than 300°C or off-shore applications; heat pipes air to air heat exchangers for HVAC applications, air dehumidification in air treatment plants, energy recovery in air exhaust system. This kind of fin design is the least economical as compared to the other fin types; main reason due to the increased amount of aluminum used around 40% also increased labors during the manufacturing. However this increased cost can be compensated if using lower grade parent tube material.
Max. Working Temperature:  600 °F
Atmospheric Corrosion Resistance: OK
Mechanical Resistance: Poor
Fin Material: Copper, Aluminum
Base Tube materials: Any material available, such as Carbon Steel tube, A179, A192, A210, stainless tube A269/A213 T5 T11 T22 304 316
Heat exchangers
Marine boilers
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