“Us-China trade war will turn to the consumer,” as of September 1st, the government will trump to worth about $125 billion 15% tariffs on Chinese imports imposed on tax day coming, the United States a number of businesses are engaged in the collective anxiety, they all have to write a letter to the President and cc to senior government ministers in sino-us trade consultations, asked to postpone or cancel impose tariffs on Chinese goods.”Seventy percent of the shoes sold in the United States are made in China,” UPI said Wednesday, estimating that the annual tariffs per American household could reach $1,500 to $2,000 soon.Global markets are still nervously awaiting news of the next round of china-us trade talks.U.S. Treasury secretary timothy mnuchin told bloomberg news Wednesday that U.S. trade officials are looking forward to a visit to Washington by Chinese negotiators, but he would not say whether the previously planned September talks would go ahead.Gao feng, spokesman for China’s ministry of commerce, said at a regular press conference on Tuesday that the two sides are discussing the issue of the September talks in the United States. “at present, the most important thing is to create necessary conditions for the two sides to continue the talks,”

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