Yan’an Iron and steel Seamless Pipe Factory is the first modern factory to produce seamless steel pipes in China. On October 27, 1953, the hot test rolling of the automatic rolling mill of Anshan Iron and Steel Seamless Steel tube Plant was successful, and the first Seamless steel pipe in New China was successfully rolled. On the afternoon of October 31, the signing ceremony for the acceptance inspection and transfer of the seamless steel pipe plant was held. It was officially announced that the seamless steel pipe plant project was completed in advance and put into production.

Said by witnesses

Kariya Shengzhang: 88 years old, the first batch of workers at Anshan Iron and Steel Seamless Steel Tube Plant, former director of the No. 2 Workshop

   “I was in charge of watching the fire and looking at the meter. The temperature in the furnace could not exceed 1300 degrees Celsius, otherwise the tube blank would melt.” Gu Shengzhang recalled. As a heater, what he has to do is to burn solid round steel seamless tube blanks in a heating furnace. This is the first step in rolling seamless steel tubes. Next, the billet is to be forwarded by the rollers of the perforator, and a thimble stiffer than steel penetrates a round hole from the middle. The shape of the steel pipe appears. The pipe mill thins the steel pipe and uniformizes the machine. The pipe wall is rolled evenly, the sizing machine makes the Pipe diameter reach the standard, the straightening machine straightens the steel pipe, and the pipe cutting machine cuts the pipe flat. “The pipe rolled out in this way is seamless.” Gu Shengzhang said.

   Compared to seamless steel pipes, there are seam steel pipes, that is, welded pipes. The pressure resistance at the joints is different, and there is a danger of cracking when it encounters bending or high temperature and high pressure environment. If the seam steel pipe can be used as a chimney in a coal burning furnace, then the seamless steel pipe is indispensable in the coal, electricity, petroleum, machinery, automobile and national defense industries. Relying on imports not only costs a lot of money, but also fails to meet demand.

    At that time, the equipment of the seamless steel pipe plant was designed and manufactured by the Soviet Union. Soviet experts also helped train professionals in construction, installation, production, and maintenance.

   At about 2:30 pm on October 27, 1953, the whistle of the newly completed Anshan Iron and Steel Company Seamless Steel Tube Plant rang, and hot trial rolling began. The workshop temperature is high, but the expectations of workers and cadres participating in the trial rolling are even hotter.

    Finally, the first seamless steel pipe was rolled smoothly. Yang Fangren, the first director of Anshan Iron and Steel Seamless Steel Tube Plant, wrote in a memory article: “After three days of hot trial rolling, the quality of seamless steel tube products has been improving day by day. The first grade rolled on October 28 accounted for 55.8%. ; On the 29th, the first-grade product was increased to 79%; on the 30th, it was further improved to 82.5%. “

    With this as a starting point, the second and third seamless steel pipe plants have been established one after another, and batches of management, technical cadres and workers have gone out from here. After unremitting efforts, the steel pipe output of Anshan Iron and Steel Seamless Steel Tube Plant reached 12.45 million tons for more than 40 years of reform and opening up, making outstanding contributions to the national industrial development.

Content quoted from People’s Daily

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